whites spectra v3i gold ring program | v3i gold

whites spectra v3i gold ring program | Xem thêm nhiều tin tức v3i gold.


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whites spectra v3i gold ring program và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnchủ đề này.

whites spectra v3i gold ring program
whites spectra v3i gold ring program

v3i gold và các Nội dung liên quan đến chuyên mục.

find gold rings with a custom program designed for really finding gold
#FindingGold #TreasureHunting #MetalDetecting .

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Nội dung liên quan đến chủ đề v3i gold.

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whites spectra v3i gold ring program.

v3i gold.

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  1. Why not just set your detector to 22.5 and to use that single frequency? That way your detector hits hardest on gold, but you can still get other good targets at the same time.

  2. hi. I looked at your settings on YouTube on the v3i spectrum for gold. mine is the same Metal Searchers after I tuned the metal lecturer to you on YouTube you lost a sound in mine how to delete this program GR write please.

  3. Буду пробовать, спасибо. Возможно есть программы для поиска именно кладов?

  4. Seems like there's a lot of work to get this unit to work the way you want it to, too much time on the computer end of it got to love the MX sport

  5. those in my 2 grams here. if you enter expert mode tab down to configure.Then down to live search screen select search from there.select spectragraph then intensity,leave at 90 so you can turn your rx up for more depth.then in the same menu page down to resolution and set it at 1. then set to 22.5 only so that gold will peak the bars on the spectragraph and most everything else will have a poor return signal. this works for coin shooting as will in 3 frequencies to be able to see multiple targets and rust halos.hope it helps :)

  6. First outing with this program found all the pop tabs and aluminum slaw in the park (or felt like it anyway) – no gold rings….i would try notching them out (eliminating VDI) for pop tabs, but on my ring tests, it would ignore the rings within that range of course arghhh. Really really wish there was a better way to discriminate against the pop tabs.. one question for you, why was the gain set so low in your settings – is it your particular soil? Cheers, and thanks for the program – still field testing.

  7. Well i added this to my v i appreciate the time/ work you put into it and i did put silver back as i hunt cape cod beaches find tons of mercs and silver HH

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