Tales of Berseria – Is It Worth The Play? | tales of berseria | Tin tức game tổng hợp hay nhất


Tales of Berseria – Is It Worth The Play? | Xem thêm nhiều thông tin về game tại đây.

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Tales of Berseria – Is It Worth The Play? và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

Tales of Berseria - Is It Worth The Play?
Tales of Berseria – Is It Worth The Play?

tales of berseria và các Thông tin liên quan đến chủ đề.

Trò chơi Tales tiếp theo của tôi sẽ là Vesperia, vì vậy hãy chờ đợi để đánh giá về trò chơi đó!

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Tales of Berseria – Is It Worth The Play?.

tales of berseria.

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15 bình luận về “Tales of Berseria – Is It Worth The Play? | tales of berseria | Tin tức game tổng hợp hay nhất”

  1. Tale of berseria is the best for me so far- story is legit and better than most of JRPG crap nowadays

    Tale of zetria =GARBAGE TRASH, Characters and story are a joke and I am glad that some normal JRPG fan like Eileo can recognize that

    JRPG story usually trash but Beseria change my mind that some jpnese can make decent story – although too much cringe anime element still there

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  2. Huge steam sale and this game is super on sale! you sold me on this game! I'm looking forward to playing it! great video!! This is gonna be my first tales game! I own a copy of Symphonia but have yet to play it! Excellent review, you sold me on my purchase!

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  3. This game is a mindless masher even on the hardest difficulties. People argue with me its "tactical". No it isnt, its not tactical to expect you to dodge occasionally. Overall the entire game is just boring, massive potential here and it just falls short in all ways, except for the story (although idc about it but yall seem to be religious about it soil avoid further fisticuffs)

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  4. This wasn't my first tales game, per Se, but it's the first one I completed. While some parts ARE generic, it's those parts that make specific parts of the game shine and become memorable. I loved the cast of this game. Character design was good, and the story was quite enjoyable, dispite being a "normal" story.

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  5. Dood i though i was the only one in earth that didn't like Zestiria at ALL, like seriously for me it's the worst Tales of i have ever played (i have played so far Symphonia1&2, Vesperia, Graces F, Xillia 1&2, Zestiria and a little bit of Berseria).

    I really tried so like Berseria but beside Velvet i didn't really like them, they where…too bland for me, and even if the gameplay was better compared to Zestiria (seriously not that difficult to do) i just wasn't a fan of it, the best one so far from me was Graces F and just a little bit behind Xillia 2.

    Now with Tales of Arise who look like a mix of Vesperia and Xillia (maybe Graces F too) maybe this will finally be better for the battle system, even if i'm a little bit worried because of how slow it look from the trailer.

    ps: And i don't know if it was only me but Velvet really looked too much like Milla from Xillia1&2, yes she's gorgeous et…but i really did think it was too "easy" to make another main character that reaaaally look like someone from a past game, but other than that i really liked Velvet, she wasn't just your edgy character for the fun of it, she had reason to be like that.

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  6. I gotta say. The Japanese voice actress for the protagonist sells the character so well that I was actually saying, "wow that's BADASS" "METAL" I was actually kind of upset when the other characters started to intrude on my angst.

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