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SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! – Samsung Dex is too Good! | Xem thêm nhiều tin tức công nghệ tại đây.


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SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! – Samsung Dex is too Good! và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! - Samsung Dex is too Good!
SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! – Samsung Dex is too Good!

samsung dex và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến từ khoá.

Samsung Dex đã trở nên quá tốt và tốt hơn đáng kể so với năm ngoái. Nó thực sự cảm thấy giống như một máy tính xách tay hoặc máy tính để bàn thay thế thích hợp. Thật là điên rồ…

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SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! – Samsung Dex is too Good!.

samsung dex.

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  1. Two things! Samsung Dex will work with 2k or 4k displays if you have the proper Samsung Dex Hub or Cable. Also I forgot to mention DEX can be used wirelessly if the display has MIRACAST support but it will add latency, which means gaming won't be as fluid. On another note, I released a video explaining what type of laptop display you should if you're looking for a new laptop! https://youtu.be/e9L0dZIXXns

  2. I always love Samsung DeX and Android Desktop Mode in general as you can use your smartphone as a pocket computer. But a true desktop or laptop replacement? I'm sorry, but we are still far FAR away from that reality. Until we can see ARM chipsets can run x86 and x64 .exe softwares and Android has the ability to open multiple files of the same format like in Windows 10 and macOS, don't expect such reality to happen. If you only do light productivity work and always do mobile gaming, the DeX can easily outrun any Chromebook and budget Windows 10 laptops. But for heavy work with heavy softwares, stick to home PC.

  3. Me interesa comprar la dex station y usar el celu con periféricos como pc de escritorio de reserva. ¿La duda concreta es si la dex station le daría imagen a una pantalla vga usando un convertidor HMDMI-VGA?

    ¿Alguien lo ha intentado?

  4. I hate dex. It's shit. I cannot transfer my photos/videos. Slow. Clunky. Worthless. Wish I could just plug my S10+ into my PC and open the damn folders myself.

  5. Desktop I7 crashed so I plugged in my Galaxy Note 10+ for a quick solution because I didn't feel like figuring out what crashed my PC, that was 2 months ago and still haven't even cracked the case on my PC because I've not yet missed it! DEX is absolutely amazing since the One UI 3.1 update. I used it on my Note 8 a few times and it was ok then but now it's fantastic. Samsung fan since 2003, started with the Samsung Mits 730 Windows CE pocket PC which I still have in working condition although it really doesn't surf the web even any more. I'm a hard core computer user going all the way back to the Commodore 64 and I'm telling you Samsung DEX is the future.

  6. That's so cool. I'm just trying a Motorola g100 and I got a pretty nice experience with a usb-c cable 3440*1440 resolution. Thanks for a great video.

  7. Idk what to say i have an s10+
    Dex seems pretty slow,i tryed it on my laptop.

    Now my laptop itself is quite old,and the cable conection might not be the best,but is to slow,so for me is better to use juat the phone and not bother with the dex

  8. Hey man, I like you quality of your video, keep up your great work. Here's my feedback: (I'm no expert, just my opinion) – I think it would be better if you highlighted how far the tech still needs to go. I like the idea of dex a lot but I really think that it's not finished.

  9. can u help me??
    my phone works on some monitors and tv but this one particular monitor just work and by work i mean "input not supported" im so confused on what to do can u pls help me?

  10. i got the same cable for my phone to use dex. the ohly down is that it doesnt charge your phone? but for $8? what more can u ask for? i got lucky.

  11. I used Dex on my S20+ for my work when my laptop got stuck during Windows updates. Surprisingly I was able to do a lot and it worked really smoothly. It's a great solution for basic productivity work. Good job Samsung

  12. I am confused why did you not use the wireless dex setup and plz stop encouraging Samsung dex as a mobile solution to an on the go pc because more than likely you are going to want to have a 15-inch monitor then you have to get a keyboard maybe even a battery pack if the monitor doesn't have a battery all of this makes it a stupid portable solution just get a 15" laptop problem solved this is for someone who needs a computer experience but all they have after saving up a 1000 dollars is the Samsung phone and now can't scrape up enough to buy the computer they needed so the can at least have the experience with this setup

  13. Can someone explain to me why he keeps saying that a larger display requires more performance? AFIK pixel count is the only performance impact when it comes to displays… With the S21 running 1080p, why is the quality downscaled on some apps?

  14. I don't know if I love DeX.
    I think I just love the idea of DeX.
    My heart isn't ready for another breaking.
    It is just too tender since Apple airpods.

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