Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix | chuột bị double click | Thông tin về công nghệ mới cập nhật

Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix | Xem thêm nhiều tin tức công nghệ tại đây.

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Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix
Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix

chuột bị double click và các Nội dung liên quan đến chuyên mục.

Xem đầy đủ video về cách sửa chữa / khắc phục sự cố nhấp đúp chuột của Razer DeathAdder Elite. Tôi đã gặp sự cố trên cả hai Công tắc (M1, M2) vì vậy tôi phải thay thế …

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Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix.

chuột bị double click.

Hy vọng những Chia sẻ về chủ đề chuột bị double click này sẽ mang lại kiến thức cho bạn. Chúng tôi chân thành .

37 thoughts on “Razer DeathAdder Elite Double Click Problem Fix | chuột bị double click | Thông tin về công nghệ mới cập nhật”

  1. I tried this and messed up the pcb traces while trying to unsolder the switch. If any of you DIY guys are thinking about doing this, be very careful. PCB traces are fixable but the work requires proper precision equipment which I don't have.

  2. the easiest way to fix this is to get a air compresser and blow it out. I cleaned my mouse (the top of it) and then blew out the insides under the click pads with an air compressor and that solved my issue!

  3. I have a relatively new Deathadder Elite, and to be honest I do manage to drop click with it,
    40 ms between the clicks.
    can I actually make more CPS if I were to disable that? like…
    At each drop get more clicks with lower distance?

  4. Thank you man, it was super easy with your video, my deathadder works perfectly after change the switch 🙂 In hungary the switch cost is about 2000 HuF, the mouse cost is about 20 – 30 000 HuF. Worth it. 🙂

  5. I was actually able to fix the problem without soldering or replacing the switch. if you look closely at 5:43ish you can see the switches can be opened. there is a small piece of spring loaded copper inside that just needs to be put back into place. you might wanna open it upside down though because the little green button can fall out. likewise dont lose the piece of copper either. This also works for the 2013 edition one so I assume it works for all deathadders left/right click. sadly i have to replace the mouse sliders though since the screws to open them are underneath.

  6. looks like way too much work to get a mouse to work properly so from the looks of this video I should probably just get a new mouse instead?

  7. What screw driver do u use my scroll wheel doesnt have grip and i need to open it but idk which screwdriver to use, all mine dont fit

  8. never gonna buy razer product again
    11.2019 baught the mouse
    2.2020 left click gone
    6.2020 scroll gone
    lets see after 3 months which port gonna broke. to be hones i'm using the mouse regularly nothing special. i have contacted razer support they agree to take mouse back but it turn out they cannot send new mouse to my country so i'm stuck with this crap.

  9. You're doing it wrong. It's not the whole switch that's broken, it's just the thin metal bit inside it, which needs replaced or bent back. So, no need to de-solder and solder the switch again.


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