how to delete trustedinstaller files | winsxs là gì | Thông tin về công nghệ mới cập nhật

how to delete trustedinstaller files | Xem thêm nhiều tin tức công nghệ tại đây.

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how to delete trustedinstaller files và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

how to delete trustedinstaller files
how to delete trustedinstaller files

winsxs là gì và các Nội dung liên quan đến từ khoá.

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how to delete trustedinstaller files.

winsxs là gì.

Chúng tôi mong rằng những Thông tin về chủ đề winsxs là gì này sẽ hữu ích cho bạn. Rất cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi.

48 thoughts on “how to delete trustedinstaller files | winsxs là gì | Thông tin về công nghệ mới cập nhật”

  1. Please help me I did in the past and it work, then I had the fantastic idea to put slack, and it came back but not allowing me to do the second portion which is change permitions, it is gray out

  2. Thanks man, helped.
    It's pretty annoying that some apps and functions can gain higher authority than the owner himself/herself. Why do people write codes like these ffs.

  3. I enjoyed your video. I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice on an issue I have been having.

    My issue is with antimalware service executable. It is hogging the cpu running at 20%+ usage anytime the laptop is on. I tried excluding the file and that did not work. I followed your exact steps in your video in hopes of taking ownership and deleting the file (MsMpEng). The only issue I have in following your video is what happens after clicking on "change" in the advanced security settings window (1:47). After I click on "change" (when its blue), the change button turns grey and then I can no longer click on it. I'm not sure why this happens. If the "select user or group" box would pop up then maybe I could change the ownership of MsMpEng and then delete it. Has anyone experienced this before? Does anybody have any advice?
    Thank you

  4. Hey, I watched and searched forever for a solution you just provided so brilliantly! This works perfectly. Can this be set to cover all such files I need to delete, or does it have to be one by one? Thanks

  5. I cant view any exe files no matter what. Almost all my apps are PDF files and I cant use regedit, cmd, or anything else. Someone please help, I'm scared


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