Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? | samsung galaxy s21

Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? | Xem thêm nhiều tin tức samsung galaxy s21.

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Ngoài xem những thông tin về samsung galaxy s21 này bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều nội dung hữu ích khác do cung cấp tại đây nhé.

Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnđề tài này.

Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?

samsung galaxy s21 và các Thông tin liên quan đến chủ đề.

Samsung Galaxy S21 là một loạt các lựa chọn thông minh nghiêm túc. Đánh giá Galaxy S21 Ultra: MKBHD Merch: Công nghệ hiện tôi đang sử dụng: Danh sách phát Nhạc giới thiệu MKBHD: Điện thoại do Samsung cung cấp để đánh giá. ~.

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Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?.

samsung galaxy s21.

Chúng tôi mong rằng những Kiến thức về chủ đề samsung galaxy s21 này sẽ mang lại kiến thức cho bạn. Rất cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi.

36 thoughts on “Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? | samsung galaxy s21”

  1. Hey Marques I have a question . When I received 2 of my devices they were supposed to be brand new . But I noticed that the battery was half charge does this mean that I actually got a pre-owned phone ?

  2. love how no one is talking about the phone but is just talking about the production and tryna find ways to get clout by getting on their knees for Marq.

    Absolutely pathetic state of society we're in.

    The phone looks amazing. I'm gonna look for more videos that dive deeper. into what you can do.

  3. No. Bad move. Flagship phones are the flagships. They shouldn't go backwards in features.
    I have to have an SD slot.
    I'll hold on to my S10 until it dies of old age.

  4. There are times when I wished I went for the Google Pixel 4A over the Samsung S10. I am in Australia and we only get the Samsung S10 phones with the plagued Exynos processor sighhhhhhh. The only issue is that I have issues trying to transfer my notes and calendars over to the Google Pixel phone as my notes are on the Samsung notes and calendar apps. Does anyone know how to transfer Samsung notes and Samsung calendar data to Google Pixel phones?

  5. Looking to move my electronics from Apple to Android and was wondering if this is a good deal?

    Samsung S21+ 128GB (Phantom Red)

    Samsung S7+ 12’4 WiFi 256GB (Black)

    Samsung Galaxy Live Buds (Black)

    The total deal for the 3 products will cost me around £1367.00 in total + I was curious to know if this is a good deal for the 3 products?

  6. Samsung is very much aware of the things people are doing with their phones. So the stuff that only a very small amount of people were actually using, they just dumped that stuff.

  7. The back is plastic but you will hardly notice. The resolution is less but you will hardly notice. The screen size is smaller but you will hardly notice. WE ALL NOTICE. No Note 21 WE ALL NOTICE. No 8k video on fold 3 and a 4mp selfie camera. WE ALL NOTICE. Goodbye Samsung I am looking to spend my money somewhere else.

  8. if i were to choose between the expensive latest samsung phone or the slightly cheaper but still excellent last year phone wich should….i buy?


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