Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) – my endgame grinding method | fate extella link | Tin tức game tổng hợp hay nhất

Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) – my endgame grinding method | Xem thêm nhiều thông tin về game tại đây.

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Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) – my endgame grinding method và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnchuyên mục này.

Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) - my endgame grinding method
Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) – my endgame grinding method

fate extella link và các Thông tin liên quan đến bài viết.

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Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) – my endgame grinding method.

fate extella link.

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5 thoughts on “Fate/Extella LINK (Switch) – my endgame grinding method | fate extella link | Tin tức game tổng hợp hay nhất”

  1. So the yellow-class skills makes the Rush attack procs more often? Is that 100%? Because in that case i won't use them at all….i don't like when QTE is forced too much in a Musou game, kinda breaks the gameplay.

    The Rush attack and the "Weapon deadlock/Servant Clash" QTE is a bit annyoing for me. The thing that i hated in the first Extella was that stupid drive attack (with the Circle spamming).

    Though, the Rush attack spam is really effective on this stage, since there are 2 "bosses" in the same place, so seems to be a nice method.

  2. 1 piece of advice I would give is to group all the same colors together for a bonus. If you group the 4 red attack skills together (Martial, Arms, Spirit, and Desperation), you would increase the bonus to 20%UP. 15% for the 3 yellow support skills and none for the one blue defense skill. The bonus increases by 5% up to 25% for 5 grouped skills, 27% for 6, 29% for 7, 30% for all 8 skills in the same color group

  3. The main problem with story in Musou is when cutscenes get in the way – get your momentum halted by the mandatory need of showcasing a dialogue most people will ignore or else get pissed off because they've saw it countless times.

    At least this game doesn't seem to suffer from orochification – Defense break + peon instakill + AOE + Health regen making players invincible.

    Gotta love the nicknames, tho. Goggly eye guy, shaq, screaming anime girls… hahahaha.


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