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Bravely Default II: Jobs Tier List – Minimal Spoilers! (VOD) | Xem thêm nhiều thông tin về game tại đây.

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Bravely Default II: Jobs Tier List – Minimal Spoilers! (VOD) và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnbài viết này.

Bravely Default II: Jobs Tier List - Minimal Spoilers! (VOD)
Bravely Default II: Jobs Tier List – Minimal Spoilers! (VOD)

bravely default và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến đề tài.

its da bravely default 2 list

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A livestream VOD wherein I rank all 24 Jobs in Bravely Default 2.

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Bravely Default II: Jobs Tier List – Minimal Spoilers! (VOD).

bravely default.

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47 thoughts on “Bravely Default II: Jobs Tier List – Minimal Spoilers! (VOD) | bravely default | Tin tức game tổng hợp hay nhất”

  1. Red mage for life! Their healing spells actually damage undead extra. It's still flat but heal does 1300, healara does 2600 and healaga does 3900. It's a nice damage boost. Dual cast other spells with criticals is exceptional, my personal favorite class.

  2. Eh I’d definitely put Ranger atleast in B tier. Have it as a sub with Phantom and you can pretty much guarantee critical hits and with Critical Amp it boosts the damage even further, and you can definitely get the max 9999 damage with this set with the right passives. Give yourself sub job specialty 2 aswell and you’ll never run out of BP. Others have said it and seeing as this is a month old video your opinion on it might’ve changed, but having Freelancer in C is criminal.

  3. Apex predator on the Archer is pretty damn good, was able to stay at pretty constant 3 BP with repeated crits maybe B tier? Pretty boring I will admit though

  4. I think that the Pictomancer serves a different role from the bard. With its self-expression specialty in addition to incurable coral, you came make it so that your healer can heal much more, that is something the bard can’t utilize. Not to mention that the class has some more consistent damage in the form of chiaro and scuro, rather that the bard’s ‘screamin’ it out’ and one of its additional endgame abilities. I also have say that the pictomancer’s special can be immensely powerful, making the targets attacks- magic especially- do little to know damage to you, all the while making your healing spells stronger, and your attacks much more effective. What can be admitted though, is that the bard targets more than the pictomancer, without the use of an ability during combat; however, the pictomancer has higher speed, allowing them to make more actions and default more often should they need it.

  5. As someone who normally gets really overwhelmed with jobs, equipment and menues, BD2's jobs were so much fun to mix and try out.
    Some of my favs are still Phantom+Monk, with Counter Savy, Counter and Turn Tables, and then "The last class that shall not be named bcs of spoilers"+Vanguard, cos you get so much BP as them and then Vanguard makes you able to give it to the other characters

  6. If you need a good build for Hellblade, use Hellblade + Monk

    Give em a Brave Suit, and give them Maximize HP, Suprassing Might, Across the Board and Sub Job BP Saver.

    Then just go for Phoenix Flight, Minus Strike and Ultima Blade. If you Brave once and take no damage, you can end up using an Elixer afterwards and wrack up over 19998 x4 in one turn.

  7. I think Freelancer and Ranger should be a little higher. They can get achieve high amounts of damage without much effort, and are great the whole game. Bows are really good in this game, imo.

    I would put Thief lower as well. Godspeed Strike is awesome and amazing, but getting level 12 and suddenly losing the ability to gain BP by defaulting was enough to ruin it as a main job for me.

  8. Freelancer breaks this entire game. Body Slam is broken amounts of damage up through midgame – maxing out jobs is super easy and the stat boost from freelancer is absolutely enormous. Swordmaster giving access to the second specialties of the job means you can combine it with freelancer and all of the sudden fourfold strike does 12k+ damage in the lategame. Once you get Bravebearer, you can combine Freelancer with any other class and it shoots your stats way up.

    Also, Ninefold Strike is too broken not to use. At endgame it was doing around 60-72k for me per turn, and because mimic also exists at endgame, I could use it infinitely without taking up MP. Because Critical Flow procs on crit and it's not that difficult to get 100% critrate, I could do four ninefold strikes each turn and my BP would be at least back up to 0, but more often it would be capped back out at 3 at the end of the turn. There wasn't a boss I couldn't one cycle before they got any hits out with the beastmaster staff mainhand and the phantom dagger offhand.

    Freelancer's Late Bloomer in Second and Default was also pretty good, but in this one it's pretty much always the best choice.

  9. This game was in all honesty the easiest. I switched to hard like an hour in while playing and forgot when I was changing sound settings and I wanted a tier above it to make it feel like it should have a bit an oomph

  10. You said in the gambler section that this is your favorite game in the series? I’m super intrigued as to why, bravely default 1 is my favorite game period and this game honestly felt like a disappointment. I still like it, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t feel the same. (Although admittedly I’m only halfway through chapter 2 so far) I’m definitely looking forward to your review, would love to hear why you love it so much

  11. salvemaker is really busted but only late game when you can buy 99 ethers and 99 healing herbs and just spam the everloving shit out of bootleg elixirs( ether/healing herb/healing herb) and full health revives( phoenix down/healing herb) especially when you get the passive "across the board" later on which makes all abilities, including compounding, AoE which makes your bootleg elixirs into bootleg megalixirs and renders white mage's second spec obsolete

  12. What? I saw freelancer In tier c in the thumbnail, and I was like " oh cool, so he is basing it on which class has the most style points" I click it and hear "freelancer isn't powerful, it has no healing" I turned the video off, you don't know what you're talking about, all the best classes in the game via variety and movesets can only truly shine with freelancer stats behind them, be it swordmaster, with it's busted 2nd specialty, or brave bearer with the best passive in the game(sub special 2)

  13. You might want to do a couple shorter videos calling out some differences, with some prep work done beforehand. One video just ranking the Classes kind of in a vacuum, without any skills from other classes or subjobs, kind of a baseline evaluation. Then a separate video ranking the most popular class combos. This video seemed rather biased and put-together, without much objectivity. That said, still somewhat entertaining.
    Edit: Yeah, you definitely need some kind of separation on whether the class itself is something you value, or an ability from it is something you like. Something like "Classes most worth leveling, and here is a separate list with classes you should actually be using."

  14. I've gotten so many jackpots and Gabler has "carried" me through the game just by stacking the added money % and item % passives. My money constantly grows when I play even 1 let alone more than 1. I get free full mp regen using the special and mad money each time. I literally throw 5k dps with him still in the midgame just with 2BP and they nuke bosses. This "carried" me in the same way he claims monk carried him. D is just a disrespectful place to put gambler since gambler/whitemage almost singlehandedly carried me so hard. You don't ever need mp pots if you have more than 1 as main class in the party.

  15. I like how he was like, no spoilers then a few minutes later was like, chapter 3 is the best chapter by far agreeing with someone in the chat. Saying that, to me, is worse than any spoiler lmao

  16. Oracle should definitely be higher. Reflect is incredibly powerful and if you can find a way to cast it on your whole party you can bounce the "target all" Arcanist spells off of your party to hit your foe for immense damage, completely circumventing the Arcanist's main drawback

  17. I agree with most the placements here, only one i would have a strong disagreement on is salve maker i just like using item jobs. The passive that allows you to use single target ability on everyone means i can throw out cheap compound elixirs on everyone. I use it as a sub on hellblade and 2 shot most the post game bosses with the set up i have for it, involving red mage last passive and the mentioned passive that makes single moves into area moves (doing this strat on 1 of them just kills me)

    The jobs in this game are just good, 1 thing I feel it has over bd1 and bs

  18. I see where to your coming from overall but this feels more like an endgame tier list than an overall tier list. berserker is awful for most of the game with how slow it is and thief has the best dps in the game with Godspeed strike until you unlock lvl13-15 jobs by a mile and still remains competitive afterward.

  19. i came for the tier list…. and i got bored so, i had to speed you up to 1.75 just so you could get thru to talking to people see your list and reasoning. IMO freelancer needs to be pushed up to B tier at the least due to is late bloomer skill. this class has carried me through the first 3 chapters after ofc i decided to master every class i could

  20. Ok, yeah. Beastmaster really does just body stuff. Just picking whatever monster casts the high level spell of whatever the boss is weak against is basically an auto win.

  21. Salve-maker can get really funny if you subclass Phantom and have Subjob Specialty 2. Not only do you guarantee status effects but it makes Master Medic proc every time which means you never lose resources.


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